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Happy Watercolor News!

I was SO excited to learn that my painting "Diana's Patio" got juried into the American Watercolor Society's online show and it really put some wind in my sails to paint something I might eventually put in a competition.

So yesterday, here is what I painted (which is not done yet) Picking a good reference is 75% of the battle - in this reference he's well lit, meaning half of his face is in shadow and he's in 3/4 view (not in profile, not looking straight at the camera) which enhances even more the 3d look. The background almost hands me on a platter my Rembrandt edges, can you already see where they will be? (Reference below) I've been playing with the idea of using little pops of Opera here and there and also making this painting a lot about value, contrast, and Rembrandt Edges. I'm also slowly but surely getting more done on the Chipmunk, Daisies, etc so I'll have a lot more to share soon!

This is my son Parker when he was one.

I have uploaded an hour of my first session so email me at rachel6parker at gmail if you'd like to see it! Or message me through Facebook or my website, whichever is easiest for you!

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Congratulations, Rachel. It's a beautiful painting of a great cat.

I have 22 cats outside and 7 inside. I recused a feral colony after an elderly woman died and her house was sold. I didn't want to separate them. They are all spayed and neutered and got all the necessary vaccines and health checks. I love taking care of them although it is a lot of work.

I built a wonderful PURRfect fence for them. It is large and has 8 cat condos, toys, and a creek with a waterfall. It also has a dead sailboat which I had tried to have repaired but I like it in the cat run.

I haven't painted in several years and I am…


So well deserved Rachel…….it’s such a vibrant painting! And Parker…..just too cute for words.


Congrats, Rachel! Such a beautiful painting of lovely Diana! I am working your tutorials and it's wonderful to see how you are tackling challenges and solve issues in a very creative and free flowing style. Love it!

Replying to

Thank you so much Daniela! Watercolor is always such an adventure!


Hi Rachel, congratulations!! Awesome painting. I’ve been meaning to get back to your tutorials for a while now, just recently picked the brushes up again. I have enjoyed seeing your FB posts. Best, Joanne

Replying to

Hi Joanne - I can't wait to see what you work on next!

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