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Rachel Parker Varner
Watercolor Your World with me!
Watch me paint on YouTube by clicking

I am Rachel Parker Varner, a self taught artist. I have been painting 20 years and my main goal is to help you learn to watercolor paint loose yet realistic animals (and sometimes other things).  My teaching style is to share my wins AND failures, explain the why and not just the what, and have FUN!  I'm always trying something new to share with my students and love getting to know my community of co-creators.
One thing I've learned from teaching thousands of watercolorists through my YouTube and Patreon site is: 
*We all have similar challenges when it comes to painting with watercolor.
*Watercolor is a tricky medium and is considered by most artists to be the hardest to master
*Many get frustrated and give up because they aren't a 'natural' at watercolor painting
But Watercolor is a Skill That ANYONE can learn!
When you join as my student I will help you see that everyone, including me, struggles, and we are in this together!  I'll teach you not just the how but more importantly the why to the techniques I use.  I'll give you tips and technique that will instantly improve your paintings, from choosing the right supplies, choosing the right reference photo, and getting your painting laid out, to applying watercolor for beautiful effects!
Right now, I share free content on my YouTube channel and offer more in depth content through real time, start to finish tutorials that each come with downloadable reference photo, line drawing, and supply list.  To learn more about the benefits available to different tier levels, go to

Be sure to friend me at in order to follow all my art adventures. 

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