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You will receive:


*Downloadable Tracing

*Downloadable Reference 

*PDF with links to tutorial you will have indefinite access to

*Watch me paint in real time with  explanation

*Watch at your pace, any time

*Bonus Line Drawings and Reference Images!

Also, when you post on social media, share that you painted from my tutorial - I appreciate it so much and it helps me continue to grow!  You may sell your originals and  cards from this painting.


ou will learn - 
*Charging Technique
*Learn about mapping
*Carving Technique
*The bead Technique
*Wet in Wet Technique for fluffy mane
*How to use Masking
*Add white details
*Paint an effective background that supports your subject
*Fix Mistakes
*And much more!


Please contact me if you have questions and I would love you to share it with my online community on my Facebook group


Visit my YouTube channel to get a taste of my teaching style at



Zebra Baby Intermediate Watercolor Tutorial

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