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Before I put brush to paper for this painting, I had an idea of a new formula to follow for an easier way to paint light skinned portraits, but I didn't know if it would work or not. But my goal was to create a painting process that is easier to follow for more beginner level artists that doesn't get too complex when painting a portrait, which can take many, many layers of glazes to get all the nuanced values painted correctly.

I've noticed a style of painting portraits lately that I thought was very aesthetically pleasing but also a simplified way to paint, mostly because the medium values are lightened. This creates more contrast in a light skinned Caucasian portrait, and contrast is a very pleasing thing to have in a portrait.

To my delight, as this painting unfolded, I realized that I was onto something because this didn't even go through the usual ugly stage because there were so few medium values - it was mostly light and darks. 80% of the time, a painting in the ugly stage is ugly because there are too many mediums, I'm convinced! It takes a lot of work to build up nuanced medium values in a portrait, and then even more work to balance them all out to get the portrait out of the ugly stage, so in this tutorial, I just left out MOST of the medium values. Taaaaaa Daaaaaaaaa, MUCH easier way to paint portraits that look good!  So I am VERY excited about this tutorial!


At the end of each video is a link to the next session


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You will receive:


*Downloadable Tracing

*Downloadable Reference 

*PDF with links to tutorial you will have indefinite access to

*Watch me paint in real time (about 3 hours) with  commentary

*Watch at your pace, any time

Also, when you post on social media, share that you painted from my tutorial - I appreciate it so much and it helps me continue to grow!  You may sell your originals and  cards from this painting.



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Light Skinned Caucasian Portrait of a Girl Intermediate Watercolor Tutorial

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