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Thank you Rebecca Little Curtis-Beal for this muse!

In this tutorial I’ll talk about the Windmill Principle, Shadow Shapes, Painting Wet in Wet, Edge Variety, Painting Shadows, Balancing Values, How to think like an artist, and much more!


Good videos to explain some of the concepts I talk about more in depth include - 

What is Jewelry? Principle

Shadow Shapes -

Beginners Basics Playlist -


If you would like to learn more in depth from me you can purchase individual tutorials at or join my Patreon at  To view a visual index of what is available, visit


 If you watch this or any video of mine, say hi and or/leave me a comment and let me know any feedback so I can keep improving my tutorials!



You will receive:


*Downloadable Tracing

*Downloadable Reference 

*PDF with links to tutorial you will have indefinite access to

*Watch me paint in real time (about 1 hour) with  commentary

*Watch at your pace, any time

Also, when you post on social media, share that you painted from my tutorial - I appreciate it so much and it helps me continue to grow!  You may sell your originals and  cards from this painting.



Please contact me if you have questions and I would love you to share it with my online community on my Facebook group


Visit my YouTube channel to get a taste of my teaching style at



Easter Watercolor Tutorial - Lamb - Intermediate to Advanced

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