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*Downloadable Tracing

*Supply List

*Downloadable Reference 

*2 hours  of instruction - watch me paint and explain as I go!

*Watch at your pace, any time

*You will always have access to the tutorial to watch it as many times at any later date whenever you choose.  It does not expire.


In this watercolor painting lesson, you will learn how to paint this calico cat using a loose wet on wet technique.  I will share what brushes, paint colors, and other supplies I use, as well as paint this and explain as I go.


Once you purchase this tutorial, I will email you links to all the video sessions of this tutorial.  


You may sell your original but please don't sell prints.  If you share your painting online, please add that you painted from my tutorial at  Please contact me if you have questions and I would love you to share it with my online community on my Facebook group


Visit my YouTube channel to get a taste of my teaching style at



"Calico Joy" Watercolor Tutorial

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