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You will receive:


*Downloadable Tracing

*Supply List

*Downloadable Reference 

*PDF with links to tutorial you will have indefinite access to

*Watch me paint in real time with  explanation

*Watch at your pace, any time


This is a listing for two paintings - a full tutorial about how to paint this intuitive, loose, splashy and fast watercolor painting on two different kinds of watercolor paper, so you will be able to watch me paint two separate paintings! It will come with a downloadable traceable, links to videos, reference photo, supply list, and about 1.5 hours of real time painting where you can watch videos of me painting as I explain what I am doing. I will also provide you with the brushes and specific paint colors I use. If you have any questions, you're welcome to contact me!

Tutorial notes for the cold pressed version:
Please take note it took me a few tries before I got to the right energy to create a more intuitive, loose look, so painting ‘intuitively’ does take practice! This painting is on cold press and I used gouache paint, but I painted just like I would have if I used regular watercolor paint. So if you don’t have gouache, this tutorial IS designed to be painted with watercolor! I will share tube colors you can use in place of the gouache colors I used!

Tutorial notes for the hot pressed version:
This is the other version of these gull paintings that many voted as their favorite on my facebook group you are welcome to join at and also on my YouTube community tab at , so I wanted to share this footage with you as well. This painting fought me a bit, and I shared that part of the process in this tutorial.
I think the main takeaway from this one was to embrace paintings that you hate, because they do present an opportunity to go a little crazy and really experiment, since they can't get any worse (hopefully). And luckily, the part that I hated was in a corner, so the very last phase of the creation of this piece was to crop the heck out of it! And now I like it A LOT better.
BTW, I think it's important for me to share the creative struggle, and I never hide it from my viewers, because that's where the true learning happens and it is a VERY necessary, if uncomfortable part of the artistic journey!
I hope you enjoy!

*You will have access to the videos FOREVER!

You may sell your original but please don't sell prints.  If you share your painting online, please add that you painted from my tutorial at  Please contact me if you have questions and I would love you to share it with my online community on my Facebook group


Visit my YouTube channel to get a taste of my teaching style at



Beach Seagull Bird x2 -Hot Press and Cold Press Loose Watercolor Tutorials

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