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"Palomino Fall" Watercolor Tutorial

Key Takeaways -

🎨 If you are new to my tutorials please read this entire post

🎨 You do not need to use my exact colors. You DO need to get the values right on the horse

🎨 We’ll do A LOT of negative painting in this tutorial. We’ll paint around the light mane and also paint around the lights in the tree in the upper right corner.

🎨 Your painting will not look like mine. It will look like yours.

🎨 Paint this AT LEAST twice if you are not a super advanced artist. If I had time I’d paint mine again, and I think I’d crop it closer in. I included an 11x14 line drawing for a closer crop.

🎨 If you are a beginner I recommend painting this on cold press paper

🎨 I recommend painting this as an 11x14” It will be too hard to render eye details otherwise

Colors I used: Burnt Sienna, Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Naphthol Red, Holbein Aureolin, Windsor Violet, Windsor Green Gold, DS Permanent Green Light, DS Lamp Black

Do not worry about getting my exact colors in the background. The important thing is to use grayed down blue/green in the background behind the horse so it will recede and not take over the painting.

🍂 Thank you to Deborah Flinn for this beautiful muse! 🍂

Session 3 -

Download ZIP • 1.26MB

If you are new to my tutorials and/or watercolor, I recommend watching a few key videos:

My 10 favorite paint colors -

Push Technique -

6 pairings of tea milk cream dry glistening buckling -

Masking 101 - - Stonehenge Aqua Hot Press Watercolor Paper - links to all my art supplies in one place

You are welcome to sell your originals but please don’t sell prints or other items for sale with the image from the tutorial. If you want to make cards or other items for family and friends that you don’t sell, or for charity, that is fine!

Please be sure to tag me and give me credit when you post your painting created with the help of my tutorial. Also, don’t forget to give the photographer credit as well!

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