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March Watercolor Adventures

Who knew painting could give you an adrenaline rush?!

Painting clouds is a great way to practice wet in wet technique without the stress of them having to look like anything. I was first led to paint these clouds when I wanted to try out using tape to paint around light rays. (inspired by the findings I demonstrated here )

Watch what happens in to see how my first watercolor of clouds goes. (Not great) For my second try, I made lots of changes to my approach. I ditched the tape, used a new color mix, used a different paper, and held my mouth a different way. Watch that version unfold at

Come join my clouds challenge that goes through April 15th on my Facebook group at

Below are the free reference photo (my own photo) and line drawing

Download ZIP • 420KB

In other news...

I'm working on a gallery level piece - here's progress so far

I've got two sessions up on Patreon at the $13+ level so be sure to join to watch the excitement unfold! I've never had more of an adrenaline rush than when I was painting her fur - it was all sensory systems on deck and SO exciting!

I just finished this black cat commission and did not expect to turn it into a tutorial, but because I was a bit on my toes (I painted this for another artist) I tried a lot of new approaches. This tutorial is choc full of experiments, held breath moments, and the best of my painting. It is available to my $5+ online students and includes dry brush, luscious wet cream consistency darks, abstract backgrounds created with tape, push technique for furry textures, and much more!

Join to get in on all the fun watercolor adventures!

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