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Get Silly to Get Serious!

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Thank you to Bon Bon the Rabbit for supplying the adorable muse. Visit Bon Bon at and tell her I sent you!

I painted this on Hippie Crafter paper to put me squarely in a mindset that was playful, experimental, and low pressure. Painting for fun is one of the best ways to learn, because research on learning shows that when you're in that mindset, you naturally learn and retain information much better! So in our fun, we will be doing some serious learning, and very effective experimenting which is how your style emerges, by doing your own experiments in a playful mindset!

This is a beginner friendly tutorial and will take you through the ugly stage - putting the dark black dry brush fur put this squarely in the ugly stage and made the painting look a bit busy, so to pull it together, I added a strong blue behind the bunny's head, some scribbles, and darker grass textures and splashes.

Usually a painting is unbalanced in some way in the ugly stage, and you have to find ways to balance it out, in this case a few more medium values to help the eye know where to look. I wanted the viewer's eye to look at the bunny's face, so adding strong contrast white fur and blue background accomplished this goal.

5 Ways to Get out of the Ugly Stage

  • Balance Values

  • Strengthen Rembrandt Edges -

  • Use a color or an artistic element in several places (I like to scribble with micron pen)

  • Punch up contrast in the main point of interest

  • Soften unimportant edges - I like to use a scrubber

  • Glaze blue over an unimportant area -

Other Useful Playlists on my YouTube Channel :

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