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Free 1 Hour Video Footage of "Estella" w/ Voiceover!!!

I have not been able to create much free content lately because of such limited time due to holiday crunch of completing commissions, illness, major renovation project etc etc, but that does NOT mean I don't want to share my process, especially with those of you who have signed up on my website and supported me with your comments, likes, and memberships. SO I've decided to make the last 3 hours of footage of "Estella" (a Christmas commission) which I consider the MOST important part of the painting process, the refining part and perfecting the final painting, available here to you all! I edited three hours down to 1 and added voiceover so this is well edited footage for your viewing and learning pleasure.

There is SO much to learn in this complete demonstration available to my $8+ Patreon members at -

*how I used the Rembrandt Windmill Principle,

*a new white pen I used for the eye glints I'm excited about

*how to paint a soft yet realistic background to support the main subject (the drapes),

* new lessons I've learned as an artist about how to paint skin tones, namely those tricky darker parts and shadows

*how to paint a pattern on fabric (her clothes)

*how to paint folds

*how to paint pudgy baby hands and feet

*how to not make your baby look like an old person (lol, but it IS a common problem in painting baby portraits!)

*how to adjust and fix problem areas (like reshape eyes),

*how to use color theory to make colors appear brighter (like in the skin)

And SO much more - this mega demonstration is FULL of years of learning, and when you join at the $8 tier level you get access to it and over 90 other tutorials instantly. Visit to see everything that is available. To join go to and I can't wait to get to know you better when you join.

AND, as always, if you can't afford to pay - PLEASE reach out to me and let me know of a tutorial you would like to see for free. It's a joy to share my work with anyone and I never want money to get in the way of that. And thank you to everyone for your support! You are the reason my dreams are coming true of being a full time artist!

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