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Bengal Cat Tutorial - Free to the Public!

I'll be honest, this has become one of my least favorite tutorials - I did it when I was just learning to teach online and I think it can be hard to follow especially for beginners. But there is A LOT to learn, if you have the patience. It is better suited to advanced students though. Keep in mind I have a list of tutorials from hardest to easiest, and if you're a beginner I advise that you start with my easiest projects. That list is available to the public at Most of the tutorials do require a paid subscription to one of my online learning portals. The most comprehensive library is on To see a visual index of all the tutorials I have on Patreon, visit

At the time of this writing, I am just now building my OWN website version of Patreon. So if you're reading this and are confused why you can't access all the tutorials, you are probably on the wrong site and need to go to If you are thinking of joining my online tutorials, my most comprehensive library is on Patreon. But I'm working on building my tutorials on so stay tuned!

Below is a zip file with the reference and line drawing. Click on the down arrow to download, then right click on the file and choose "Extract All"

Download ZIP • 1.16MB

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