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A New Art Discovery about Warms and Cools

Thank you so much to all my new members who have joined! I wanted to share a new insight I have learned recently. This tip applies to any medium, whether you paint watercolor, mixed media, acrylic, etc etc!

To evoke more glow and depth in your work have warms and cools play off each other throughout your painting. This is well illustrated in a video recently shared by one of my favorite artists, Brian Neher who paints childrens' oil portraits -

In my newest leopard painting, I had this fresh new insight in mind as I painted and tried to make a concerted effort to weave warms vs cools throughout the piece -

(Reference by )

Compare this to the same image I painted years ago (see below) - this painting's focus was not on warms and cools. My focus was to keep the image simple so that as much focus as possible went to the leopard's face.

What do you think - did my focus on warms and cools give my latest leopard more depth, more glow, maybe more complexity?

If you would like to watch me paint this leopard in real time, from start to finish, and also access up to 200 other tutorials, join me at You can also follow me for free there in order to ensure you don't miss any of my free AND paid content releases!

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Yes, the play between cool and warm has a noticeable and lovely impact. Both paintings are beautiful.

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