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This bunny was a lot of fun and a little scary to paint - I really wasn't sure if it would ever see the light of day halfway through because it was such a mess after the first wash. But I hope your main take away from this is to keep working your painting, experiment, make mistakes, and HAVE FUN!

I can't call this a tutorial as I was painting very intuitively - meaning I was making artistic decisions in response to what my paint was doing from moment to moment. But I think there is SO much to learn from watching this demonstration for both beginners and advanced painters because you'll see how I pull a painting back together, fix problem areas, and have a lot of fun doing it. Join to learn how I painted this! Join for a year and get two months free

This painting is available as an original, prints, and full real time tutorial. I painted the cat mostly wet on dry and dry on dry, so it's a beginnerish friendly tutorial. Is that a thing? It is in my world : )

And here is what I'm working on...

I can't wait to bring this tutorial to my online students - I just have a little more refining to do on the face and I'll be able to call this done!

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