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New Art and a new way to follow my Art Adventures!

I've started a new project and I would love some feedback! I've joined a website that allows 'patrons' to pay a monthly subscription fee. In return, you get exclusive content (videos, mailed gifts, discounts, first looks at art, etc) from me. Please visit my Patreon page at let me know what you think, what I could change, or just go ahead and join! I'm hoping this will add a fun new way to interact with you all! On the left of the page it explains the different levels of membership and what you get. If you want to go ahead and join, just click the 'Become a Patron' button. To make this post a little more interesting I'll attach a random throw back picture of a painting I did a few years ago ; )

Below are some of my new available paintings. Just click on the pictures to go to their individual pages. Prints are also available

"Ready to Rumble" Siamese Kitten Watercolor Painting

"Grey Foxhunter" Irish Draught horse watercolor painting

"Zebra Love" Acrylic Art Painting

"Tuxedo Splash" watercolor art painting

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