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Free Charles Reid Watercolor Videos!

Be sure to tune in to my YouTube channel at on Saturday for my free video about a new insight I gained from reading Charles Reid's book "Pulling Your Paintings Together" available at

Got a favorite Charles Reid video that I missed?  Post it in the comments!

Here are several FREE Charles Reid videos in which he paints a few different things...

City Scene -  



🎨 I have 3 of the 4 sessions of "Sandcastle" up.  It will be available in the $8 tier for a month then will move to the $30 tier as it is a gallery level professional painting that shows EVERYTHING from start to finish in real time.

🎨 I also just posted a 25 minute pro level video to my $30 tier where I read from what Bev Jozwiak calls her Art Career Bible "Becoming a Successful Artist" which is available at   

🎨 Then I talked about my new camera which has become a crucial part of equipment now that I'm focusing more on national shows, which always require that you work from your own photographs.  Here is the link to the camera I bought -

 🎨Finally  I talked about Charles Reid's best tips, which will be featured in my free YouTube video so be sure to tune in Saturday morning at

If you are new to my Patreon, I recommend joining the $13 tier, even if it's for a short time, to watch some of my best tutorials, including Sam, pictured below.  Even if you're not interested in painting a cat, you will learn SO MUCH about watercolor painting!  You can changed your pledge easily any time, up or down, at

*This post contains affiliate links which will not add to the cost of your purchase but will support this channel! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful love day, and even if you don't have a partner, showed yourself some extra love, because you DO deserve it!

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