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Paint Dots Winter 2022

Go to this page to learn about last quarter's paint dots (Synthetic Black Mix)

For paint dots winter 2022, you will receive two quarters worth because I skipped Fall.  I just couldn't come up with paint color experiments that were exciting me until I learned about Rockwell Self Evolving paint.  I thought they would be perfect for painting a Peacock, so go to to see the 

2 paintings I created with Rockwell paint. I also used them to paint the hot press chipmunk at

The colors you will get include:

Alexandria Diamond Purple

Palalba Diamond Blue

Royal Purple

Diamond Yellow​

Limugreen Brown

Valentine Purple

Cleopatra Green

Obsidian Brown

Go to Rockwell to learn more but I don't think I would recommend these if you are on a budget or already have a collection of paint colors you are happy with.  That said I did enjoy just playing with new colors for the sheer curiosity of the exercise!

Art Supplies

I am including  stencils in each mailing for you all to try.  I really enjoyed playing with this technique.  It remains to be seen if I will use it a lot in future paintings, but I do think I'll try to use one in the cat commission I'm doing for the ironwork table he's sitting on.  You can see video on him at

For the rest of the supplies, I think I'll do variety packs of paper.  Each person may get a slightly different mix, so here is a list of papers and links to tutorials that feature that paper.

Yupo (I didn't label this one but it feels like slick plastic -

Hahnemuhle (Labeled with a circled H) - (second attempt at woman)

White Watson (Labeled with a 'ww') -

Stonehenge Aqua Hot Press - Labeled with 'Hot' -

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